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Home Page – The Parish of Clydach on Tawe

Home Page – The Parish of Clydach on Tawe. A warm welcome to all.

Mission Statement

As a Parish we strive to bear a strong witness to the Christian faith. We therefore, endeavour to nurture a spirit of welcome, so that all may feel at home here, and come to know the grace and love that God has for them so that they may see us as a community of love and fellowship. Our aim is to both strengthen and develop as a worshipping Church Family, through a collaborative team ministry of clergy and laity working together by offering appropriate pastoral care and service to others in the promotion of our belief in Jesus Christ and his teachings. We therefore have a desire to present ourselves through our work within the community of the parish and beyond, as a welcoming Church Family, who are the Body of Christ.  It is also our wish that the Parish Church will be seen as a centre of worship, love and concern so that others may see and ponder in their hearts the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

                                  Lyndon Taylor Vicar, Parish of Clydach.


The Diocesan Vision Prayer Father,

We hold before you our family in the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon and we open our hearts and minds to your Spirit: Bless us as we gather in your name; guide us as we grow into the likeness of your Son; lead us by your Spirit to go out and make disciples of others. God of our journeying, be our Way and our truth and our life; our beginning and our end. We pray through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Gweddi Ein Gweledigaeth Dad,

Dygwn ger dy fron ein teulu yn Esgobaeth Abertawe ac Aberhonddu. Agorwn ein calonnau a’n meddyliau i’th Ysbryd:   Bendithia ni wrth inni gyd-gyfarfod yn dy enw; arwain ni wrth inni dyfu ar lun dy Fab;  tywys ni a’th Ysbryd i fynd allan a gwneud disgyblion o eraill. Dduw ein siwrneio, bydd di ein ffordd, a’n gwirionedd, a’n bywyd; ein dechrau a’n diwedd. Gweddiwn trwy lesu ein Harglwydd. Amen.